Tapestry Weaving

Donegal is renowned for its craft of hand weaving. Local weavers offer tuition in the skills of natural dyeing, carding, spinning and weaving.

Weaving our Future from the Past

As part of the Taipéis Gael programme 1993-1995, local artist-weavers from Glencolmcille were trained in the skills of preparing and dyeing wool using local materials, carding and spinning, designing tapestry and weaving on a specially fabricated wooden frame. The original Taipéis Gael creations are now exhibited all over the world.

The south-west area of Donegal, particularly Kilcar and Gleann Cholm Cille, has long been known for the excellence of its weavers and hand-knitters and for the production of high quality tweed exhibits and garments. In this week-long course, some of the original weaver/artists from Taipéis Gael teach the skills acquired from the community’s older practitioners.

During this course, participants will have the opportunity of working with the skilled weavers of Taipéis Gael and local knitters and meet with those who are generously passing on their skills from an earlier generation.

Tapestry frames and yarns will be provided. The week-long programme includes: Natural dyeing demonstrations, Carding, Spinning on Donegal Wheels, Designing for Tapestry, Tapestry Weaving, Local knitting patterns and handknitting techniques. It is expected that each participant will have produced at least one tapestry or piece of knitting by the end of the course.