Getting to Toraigh (Tory Island)

Some useful information concerning travel to Toraigh is provided on this page. Oideas Gael normally assists participants with their travel arrangements, however, and we strongly recommend you discuss your travel arrangements with us before booking.

Public Transport to Gaoth Dobhair

Belfast to Gaoth DobhairPatrick Gallagher Coaches

Galway to Gaoth DobhairFeda Ó Dónaill

Dublin to Gaoth DobhairJohn McGinley Coaches

Travel to Toraigh

Réalta na Maidne TeoFerry company
+353 (0)87 199 3710

Turais Thoraí (Tory Island Fast Ferry Tours)For group reservations only
Contact Liam Ó Dubhgáin
+353 (0)83 896 0550

Nearby airports

70 km (43.5 miles) away

City of Derry
130 km (85 miles) away

Belfast International
200 km (130 miles) away

Belfast City
230 km (145 miles) away

Ireland West Airport,
140 km (90 miles) away

Travel while on Toraigh

Information available from Comharchumann Thoraí
+ 353 (0)74 913 5502

Questions? Answers!

I'm not sure what's the best way to reach Tory Island for the course. What will I do?Speak to us in Oideas Gael before you do anything else! We can help course participants make their travel arrangements ahead of time.

Where can I find more information about Toraigh?If you are interested in spending some time on the island outside of the Oideas Gael course period we recommend getting in touch with Comharchumann Oileán Thoraí (contact details below). They will be happy share infomration with you regarding island walks, boat trips, fishing and wildlife, art and arts, as well as the culture and music of the island.

Comharchumann Thoraí
+353 (0)74 913 5502